The Social Impact of Customer Reviews

Do online reviews really make a difference?  Let’s skip right to the punch line here, with an emphatic yes.  Consumers absolutely use reviews as part of their online research efforts--and the reviews they find impacts their buying decisions. Just consider: 89% of consumers viewed online sources of product and service reviews as trustworthy--and another 80% have changed their minds [...]

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50 Reasons Reputation Management is Vital To The Success Of Your Business

Ninety-seven percent of consumers go online to search for local business information (BIA/Kelsey). What they learn determines whether or not they’ll become customers. It's essential for businesses to have way to monitor their online reputation and a plan to keep it in good shape if they want to survive in today's social driven business environment. Businesses have always had to [...]

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How To Get More Customer Reviews

HOW TO GET MORE REVIEWS (AND MAKE THEM COUNT) In this post I'm giving you and inside look at the tools and techniques we’ve learned at ViewPoint Reviews to get happy customers sharing the good word about almost any business, product or service. The prevailing strategy is what we call a “review funnel”: anticipate what will motivate customers to write [...]

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How To Respond To Negative Reviews

No matter how hard we try to prevent them, an occasional bad review will eventually slap us in the face when we least expect it. Actually it feels more like an uppercut than a slap. As business owners it's just not possible to be on our A-game 100% of the time. But here's a little surprise... a bad review can actually [...]

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