We provide the platform and the process to start engaging and listening to your customers.  

The platform sends a customized email or SMS text message to begin the feedback process after you enter your customer’s name and email address or mobile number. Simple, fast and easy.

You’re In Control…

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone
Add a single email, mobile number or upload your customer list to start getting feedback.

Landing Pages & Kiosk Mode
We offer web pages and iPad kiosk modes to start the feedback process if you prefer to capture reviews on-site.

Use Zapier, Webhooks or our API to integrate with your CRM, POS or database for full automation.

Easily Acquire Customer Feedback & Encourage Online Reviews

Your business now has a simple yet powerful platform to gather customer feedback and make it fast and easy for your customers to post online reviews.

VIEWPOINT REVIEWS is an automated platform.  Enter your customer’s email address or mobile number and the rest happens automatically.

A Mobile Friendly Funnel For Collecting Reviews

Viewpoint review services - mobile friendly customer review portalWe make leaving a review your business fast, easy and mobile friendly for your customers.

When sending a review request by text, we provide a short URL and mobile friendly landing page to send them to.

  • A simple process makes it easy for customers

  • Automated campaigns make it easy for you

  • Designed to convert customers into reviewers

  • Promote only the review sites that matter to you

  • Guide unfamiliar customers to review sites that don’t require an account login

Get a Second Chance At Developing A Happy Customer

Automatically identify “less than happy” customers and guide them into direct contact with you for a service recovery.

How It Works

The customer is asked to rate how likely they are to refer your business and to comment on their experience.  This rating process is a key indicator and data point to your business and customer relationship.

Customers that rate you highly (you set the rating criteria) will automatically be sent to one of the important review sites you have selected for your account.

Any customer that rates their experience “less than good”  is captured privately so you can follow-up with the customer to resolve their issue.

Feedback Entry Points

VIEWPOINT offers multiple methods to acquire your feedback and reviews from your customers.
You can employ one or any combination of methods to meet your needs.

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