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viewpoint online reviews risk free guarantee


We know you’ll be thrilled at how effective ViewPoint will be at getting more high quality online reviews for your business while improving your online presence and reputation.

Because we want you to be as confident as we are, we offer an iron-clad a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days simply call us to cancel your account and request a refund.

Activating & Starting Your Free Trial

When you select a plan and click the  “Activate And Start” button, you’ll be required to enter your payment information to activate your account.

YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED ANYTHING unless you choose to continue use the system past your initial trial period.

Upon activation, we’ll set up and customize your account free of charge ($99 value) and will email your login credentials within 24 hours.

You’ll have full access during your trial period and you’ll be able to keep all your new reviews and data even if you choose not to continue using the system as a paying subscriber.

You can Cancel anytime by calling or emailing us at (888) 649-1923.  

We appreciate your confidence and we look forward to working with you!